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HR Legal Healthcheck For Your Business

Calendar August 16, 2017

Employment law is constantly shifting; it changes day-to-day, week-to-week and month-to-month. It is one of the most challenging areas for businesses to keep up with and it is simultaneously one of the most important regulatory areas – with potentially damaging costs if aggrieved employees take you before a tribunal.


You may be aware of pre-existing risks to your employees, but are you aware just how easily these can arise, and the severity that can come with them? Since the government’s shift to a stronger stance in February 2016, this issue is becoming increasingly more apparent. A number of the largest fines ever given in relation to health and safety violations were handed out following these changes and the HSE expects even higher fines to be handed out in the future! Not only have fines increased where incidents have been found to have occurred, but under the new regime, fines are being issued for exposure to risks, even without an incident occurring.


With that in mind, KLG has developed the HR Legal Healthcheck for your Business. Think of it like your company’s personal doctor. Our employment specialists will visit your premises and examine your employment law position. Afterwards, we will give you a list of areas for improvement. We will recommend changes that should be made to ensure your business is compliant with current employment law, and provide advice on the best way to implement them.


You may have a very capable in-house HR team but often they are so busy ensuring everything on a day-to-day basis is running smoothly that they are unable to stay up to date with contemporary legal developments. KLG’s employment law experts are dedicated to knowing and understanding changes to employment law as and when they happen and we are constantly aware of potential changes.

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