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HR Legal Advice & Support for Small Businesses

HR Support for Small Businesses

KLG Law can provide up to date employment law advice and HR support for small businesses, medium businesses and large businesses . Our qualified employment law specialists are available 24/7 to give you the support and bespoke advice your business may need. KLG are specialist employment lawyers, meaning we can provide HR legal advice based on latest legislation and case law.


No Win No Fee!

Our team of experts will review your matter to advise whether we can offer you ‘no win no fee’. If you wish to be considered please enquire now.

KLG can provide HR legal advice on the following:

  • Contracts of employment
  • Company handbooks & policies
  • Organisation restructure
  • Redundancies
  • On-site HR Support / Chairing Your HR Meetings
  • Drafting of Settlement Agreements
  • Equal Opportunities Policy and Procedures
  • Drafting of Employee Handbooks
  • Large, medium and small business hr advice

When it comes to HR employment law, there is no room for grey areas. Ensuing all parties are on the same page can protect your employees and your business.

Nobody likes a HR dispute, but for some employers and employees, circumstances lead to the need of HR involvement. We offer small business HR support and HR legal advice for those businesses with and without in-house HR resources.

To ensure that both parties are protected and each case is handled correctly, contact KLG Law for your HR needs. Covering a range of HR related matters, our services are provided by experienced employment law specialists who will guide you through the process, striving for the best possible outcome. What’s more our support helpline means you are never caught out, should you need advice on HR services for small businesses.

Why choose KLG

  • Support helpline gives you regular access to advice and consultancy
  • Practical advice to protect your interests at every stage
  • Can develop and deliver bespoke HR Training solutions

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