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UK’s most concerned areas for redundancy

Calendar September 14, 2020

Redundancy has unfortunately become a harsh reality for British workers with the UK’s unemployment rate at the lowest it has been for 40 years. With the furlough scheme set to end in a months time, unemployment figures are expected to increase further in the Autumn.
Employment law firm, KLG Law have delved into Google Trends data to discover which cities and regions across the UK are most concerned about redundancy and unemployment.
KLG found that the cities with the most redundancy concerns are Stoke-on-Trent, Edinburgh and Cardiff, which all have a search volume of 100.

UK’s cities with the most redundancy concerns

1. Stoke-on-Trent – search volume 100
2. Edinburgh – search volume 100
3. Cardiff – search volume 100
4. Leeds – search volume 98
5. Bristol – search volume 98
6. Sheffield – search volume 94
7. London – search volume 92
8. Birmingham – search volume 85
9. Manchester – search volume 83
10. Liverpool – search volume 71
Regarding the regions with the highest level of unemployment, the latest ONS labour market data report finds that London has the highest unemployment rate with a 5.1% increase, followed by the North East (5%), West Midlands (4.4%), Scotland (4.3%) and East Midlands (4%).
As the furlough scheme ends in October many employers will be preparing to make redundancies if they can’t afford to pay their employees. It was reported by the Insolvency Service that employers were planning at least 139,000 redundancies in June, with figures already showing that 7.5 million people were temporarily away from their jobs the same month. At this stage, it is unclear to predict what might happen to unemployment figures by the end of October.
However, with uncertainty impending KLG, were determined to highlight areas of the UK who were most concerned with the current job climate and who may be seeking advice on the next best steps so the necessary support can be provided.
KLG have produced a coronavirus guide for employees aimed at those who have been directly affected by the pandemic and for those searching for further information and advice about the redundancy process. It is important for all who are concerned that their place of work are being legally compliant at all times and taking legal action where necessary.


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