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Award Winning Digital Law firm.

We offer a modern, responsive and pragmatic approach to employment law. We are completely digital and 80% a green law firm.

Our Mission

A small team of highly experienced and high achieving employment law specialists who solve peoples employment issues with minimum stress and with the best achievable results.

Our customers are mid-senior level executives or owners of small-medium sized companies who want robust legal representation with a highly responsive approach.

Our specialised team give business owners full protection against loss and reputation & claimants the optimum result from their claims.

We have a wealth of experience in assisting employees who have issues at work and need help and guidance. Every employee has both employment rights and obligations. Where a dispute arises at work this can be very stressful and worrying for an employee. Our expert lawyers can advise you on general employment-related matters where you are unsure of your specific rights.

We can also guide and represent you in situations where you feel you have been treated unfairly, for example if you feel you are suffering from discrimination in the workplace or that you have been unfairly dismissed. Our specialist lawyers can give you confidential advice to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our Values

Our business is built on client satisfaction which is why you’ll always be represented by a qualified legal advisor with expertise in the field of employment law.


Customers First

Always – We strive to understand what the customer wants and we deliver this


Live above the Line

We take complete ownership of everything we do. No excuses, no blame, no denial


Play by the Rules

Our system delivers integrity & transparency for all our customers


Say what you do, do what you say

Do what you say – we set clear expectations and we meet them.


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