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Advice for Senior Executives and Directors

Our team of employment law specialists have proven track records in assisting senior executives and directors with their employment law issues.
There are many employment law issues that relate specifically to senior executives. In our experience, the increased pay, bonus’ and benefits for senior executives and directors usually comes hand in hand with increased restrictions and obligations – such as restrictive covenants and increased notice periods. We are familiar with the complexity of senior employment contracts and we have great experience in drafting, negotiating, and advising on such agreements.


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As experienced executive employment lawyers and senior executives lawyers we can assist at any stages of your proceedings. Whether you are starting a role, in a role, or looking to exit a role we are happy and able to assist. We have advised directors, shareholders and a wide range of senior employees. It is crucial to preserve your reputation when leaving your place of employment, whilst still ensuring that any equity or share options are protected. If you are looking to move on from the business, we can advise on how to leave in the most effective and efficient manner possible.
Our past work includes:

  • Advising on contracts prior to employment and negotiating new terms;
  • Drafting and reviewing directors service agreements;
  • Advising on bonus arrangements and schemes;
  • Providing support with issues that have occurred during the course of employment;
  • Successfully negotiating exit packages;
  • Advising on settlement agreements;
  • Tackling post-employment disputes – e.g. bonus disputes;
  • Negotiating restrictive covenants and explaining issues and liability in relation to breach of contract and injunctions;
  • Dispute resolution before employment tribunal proceedings;
  • Advising on share options and incentive plans;
  • Advising directors on their legal responsibilities after their departure,
  • Managing stressful disputes and helping effectively negotiate agreements.

Advising on grievances and other workplace disputes.

Success stories in the past

Some of our recent cases have involved:

  • Negotiating an exit agreement for a high-ranking client with additional compensation to reflect a bonus payment despite the amount not being payable for several months. We also negotiated for the removal of restrictive covenants, allowing our client to find alternative employment swiftly.
  • Representing a group of senior employees during a TUPE transfer and agreeing exit packages of approximately one year’s salary (including vested shares). We advised these clients to seek financial advice from a tax adviser.
  • Negotiating an exit package with an adjusted termination date to allow for shares to vest, increasing the amount of compensation our client received.

If you exit your role as a senior executive or director, you will more than likely make use of a ‘settlement agreement in your exit from the business. A settlement agreement is a binding agreement between employer and employee. By signing the agreement, a senior executive/director is waiving their rights, usually in exchange for additional financial compensation upon exiting the business. For the agreement to be binding, an employee must receive independent legal advice. Contact our team of employment law specialists today on 0330 221 0684 for more information on how we can assist you. We have a proven track record in negotiating increased exit packages for clients.



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