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Case studies


Daniel worked as an Export Manager for a small international company for three years. In June 2019 his employer informed Daniel that his position will be made redundant, as the company is planning to move its offices to a different country. A few days after Daniel completed his notice period, he discovered that his employer offered an Export Manager’s position to one of the company’s former clients.

What did KLG do to help?

KLG advised Daniel that his situation amounts to a sham redundancy, and that Daniel will have strong grounds to bring a claim for unfair dismissal. There was clearly no genuine redundancy situation if an employer offered the same job role to another person just a few days after Daniel completed his notice period. The employer completely failed to follow a fair redundancy process and tried to use redundancy as a “fair” reason to end Daniel’s employment with the company. KLG contacted Daniel’s employer setting out the grounds for Daniel’s unfair dismissal claim. As a result, KLG negotiated a generous settlement package for Daniel.

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