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Case studies


Bilal worked a sales executive at a Pharmaceuticals company for three years. He was informed by his employer that he was at risk of redundancy. His employer followed a fair redundancy process and commenced without prejudice conversations with Bilal. Bilal came to see us to understand whether his employer can make him redundant, as he recently saw a job advertisement for his position on internet.

What did KLG do to help?

We advised Bilal that this is a sham redundancy situation, as his employer is attempting to hire someone for his position. We explained to Bilal that he can bring a claim for unfair dismissal. We contacted Bilal’s employer and set out the grounds for Bilal’s unfair dismissal claim. We informed them that we are fully aware of the company’s intentions to hire someone else for Bilal’s position and that his redundancy situation was not genuine. We negotiated an enhanced settlement package for Bilal. Provided that negotiations took a number of email exchanges and calls with the company, Bilal’s employer agreed to pay Bilal’s legal fees.

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