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Employment Law and
HR Advice for Charities

The regulatory environment of the charitable sector can raise complex employment issues for charities. And because charities often occupy a position of trust, they can find themselves subject to more severe criticism than traditional businesses when experiencing employment law challenges. At KLG Law, we provide practical guidance for charities on legal and HR issues to help get the best from your employees and volunteers, while minimising the risks posed by an often complex legal framework.

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While operating in a non-profit capacity, a charity is still a business and faces the same kind of employment challenges, from disciplinary processes and performance management to sickness absence and holiday pay. But on top of these, there are issues specific to the third sector which also need to be considered.

Our experts are experienced in advising on a range of issues and specific obligations affecting charities, including but not limited to:

The Charities Act, which might influence how a charity approaches organisation structure, number of employees and employee relations issues.

Safeguarding policies intended to avoid incidents and protect employees, while also defending the charity should an incident occur.

Trustees needing to pass the fit and proper persons test, and the appropriate documentation required to clarify trustee responsibilities and remit.

Roles and responsibilities and the important distinctions between the functions, expectations and rights of employees, casual staff, workers, volunteers and trustees.

Benefits, including rules regarding holiday pay, National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage compliance where appropriate.

We help charities and not-for-profit organisations navigate the full range of employment law, governance and regulatory issues alongside day-to-day operational matters. We most frequently receive enquiries about employment law and HR advice for charities in the following areas:

  • Contracts of employment
  • Staff handbooks
  • Internal policies and procedures
  • Training and development
  • Managing absence
  • Performance-related matters
  • Dismissals/terminations
  • Pay issues
  • Employee grievances and complaints
  • Employment claims and disputes
  • Redundancy
  • Prevention of and issues with disability discrimination
  • Correctly handling maternity rights / leave
  • Diversity, equality and inclusion training
  • Managing employee welfare
  • Safeguarding: policies, emergencies and managing the safeguarding line

Whether you’d benefit from advice on policies, procedures and training or need help resolving an employment dispute, our HR and employment law experts have a clear understanding of the latest and most frequent issues impacting the not-for-profit sector and can advise how to keep your organisation safe and legal, how to keep your workforce treated fairly and how to stay on top of changes in law and compliance regulations.

Whatever the size of your charity we’ll provide the help you need to support the causes which matter.

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