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Employment Law and
HR Advice for Small

While employment and HR matters can pose as much of a problem to small businesses as larger enterprises, they are much less likely to have specialist in-house resource to avoid problems and protect themselves from any difficulties which arise. With tight resources, HR and employment law considerations are often deprioritised, leaving small businesses prone to fall foul of regulations, sometimes facing costly penalties as a result. At KLG Law, we neutralise the stress of staying on the right side of the rules with our employment law advice and practical, expert HR advice for small businesses.

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Over 99% of the business population are micro or small businesses, with a median annual profit of £50-60k. But just because a business is small in size doesn’t absolve it of the responsibilities of employment law and HR regulations. Whether you’ve got a team of two or twenty, it’s always important to make sure that your business remains compliant. But employment law can be a complicated business, and there are all sorts of obligations that companies must fulfil.

Lack of appropriate support and expert knowledge can have far-reaching consequences, from inadequate records and partial papertrails to unmanaged absence and inadvertent law-breaking.

While KLG are always on hand to help you resolve your employment law issues, we believe that prevention is better than cure, and aim to work collaboratively with our small business clients to ensure all the essential documentation is in place and that correct procedures are being observed to protect you.

With our comprehensive, jargon-free support you can avoid the costs of in-house HR or legal advisors, reduce the time you spend trying to manage HR, and avoid minor issues escalating into major headaches.

We most frequently receive enquiries about employment law and HR advice for small businesses in the following areas:

  • Contracts of employment
  • Self-employed/contractor agreements
  • Staff handbooks
  • Policies and procedures
  • Managing absence
  • Change management
  • Restructuring
  • Redundancy
  • Settlement agreements
  • Employee grievances and complaints
  • Disciplinaries
  • Performance management
  • Dismissals
  • HR Strategy and planning
  • Chairing HR meetings
  • Diversity, equality and inclusion training
  • Managing employee welfare
  • Correctly handling maternity rights / leave
  • Prevention of and issues with disability discrimination

Whether you are an established employer or hiring for the very first time, we’ll be by your side, providing you with the help you need to manage your people. So, whether you’re dealing with everyday niggles like staff who don’t see eye to eye or facing a bigger challenge like needing to restructure, don’t struggle alone – KLG Law is here to help.

Why should you choose KLG Law?
– Our support helpline provides regular access to HR and employment law advice
– We give practical advice to protect your interests at every stage
– With our predictable monthly fixed fee you avoid nasty surprises
– You get access to unlimited telephone advice
– We believe in giving a personalised service rather than using faceless call centres
– You’re assigned a dedicated advisor who understands your specific needs
– Everyone you speak to at KLG Law is legally qualified
– We issue bespoke solutions instead of relying on templated documents
– We work just like an in-house legal team supporting your current HR function
– We love visiting our clients and are always happy to come to you
– If you need support onsite we can step in, just like an extension of your team

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I have used Kalra Legal Group to prepare all of my employee contracts and the employee handbook. I would recommend their services to any business owner that requires HR and Employment advice. They are extremely quick at responding to my e-mails and queries. They have been able to explain HR and Employment Law jargon in terms, which I am able to understand and relate too. This has taken the stress away by allowing me to run my business and not worry about the HR side of the business as Anita and her team take care of this for me.
Bal Birla, Managing Director, Swan Letting
We have been clients of Kalra Legal for a number of years now, as such they have supported us through a range of different topics, including redundancies, dismissal and TUPE. Anita and her team are always very responsive and have always given us solid advice that we have grown to rely on. I would highly recommend them to any business that employs people and want to do the right thing by them, whilst also protecting yourself and your business.
Holly Frizzell, Managing Director, Frizzell Wealth Management
Kalra Legal Group has supported my businesses, Bleecker Burger, for the past three years. We are a hospitality group and do not have any specific HR people, Anita and her team fills this gap and more by providing timely legal advice on people issues, mentoring young operations managers, providing tutorials to our gms, written our handbooks, overseas any disciplinary actions , supports us through the ever changing furlough guidelines and so much more. I cannot recommend Anita and her team enough.
Zan Kaufman, Founder, Bleecker Burger

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