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HR Optional Management Software Provider Breathe

We have noticed a growing trend of employers using HR management software systems to help facilitate and streamline the HR process for employers. One available system is Breathe!

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These are just the features that software Breathe has to offer:

  • Centralising employee data
  • Managing Holiday Requests
  • Organising HR documents
  • Tracking Expenses
  • Manage Sickness

Breathe offers a powerful solution for everyday HR processes and strategic planning making HR quick and efficient.
Employees are also able to have access to the system, they can amend any personal details which will be only accessible to them and management that is assigned.

Boosting Morale

Due to the pandemic many people are having to work from home and recognising employees for the work they have done and boosting morale may be difficult at times. Breathe allows you to give ‘kudos’ by just a click of button, this will reflect employee’s performance and will give them a boost to perform better.

Simplifying Payroll

Paying employees should be a pleasure however it can be seen as burden to some employers. Breathe makes this is a stress-free process, simple input employee information and it will be one less thing to worry about at the end of the month.

Helping the Business and Employee Performance Grow

Are employees meeting their objectives and targets you have set? Breathe helps you easily track employee performance including arranging one to ones, managing annual appraisals and set goals that staff would strive too. All these aspects help you keep your employees on track and deal with potential issues quickly and easily.
Breathe allows you to look at your employee’s performance by a glance and compare it to the rest of the team for example if targets you would be able to see and will come up as green. This allows employers to have clear expectations of what they expect off employees.

Tracking expenses

Having control over expenses is very important and Breathe offers an expense management tool. You can input claims, upload receipts, and send it for approval in just a couple of minutes.
You are also able to:

  • Record and submit expenses at your desk.
  • Calculate millage.
  • Snap receipts and upload them instantly.
  • Keep everything organised which prevents any lost receipts.

Team Location Glance

You are able to keep track of where your employees are working, whether it is from home or the office. We still have to ease in everyone being at the office at the same time, Breathe lets your employees book office spaces and whether there is any capacity.
Document Management and a Paperless Future
All important documents can be stored and shared across the business. Employees can have access to this as well. The would be able to view their contract, company handbook, ID Documents etc. Breathe offers a safe secure system ensuring that people only authorised as Breathe is GDPR compliant.
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