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HR Training for HR Staff/Office Managers

Optional HR Training

Employment law is constantly changing and evolving. As experts in employment law and HR, our HR training consultants pride themselves on their ability to train staff and ensure that employers are kept up to date with the current law.

We have great experience in designing bespoke training tailored for employer’s specific needs and requirements. We offer large sessions for all staff, and also focused training sessions for a specific team or department.

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Some examples of areas we can provide training on include:

– Health and safety – managing the risk of accidents and injuries within the workplace through the application of health and safety policies and procedures. In the current climate with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital that the correct health and safety practices are followed by employers and their staff;

– Employment contracts – ensuring management level staff are aware of the different contracts in place within the business and how this impacts the day-to-day running of the business (i.e. the difference between casual workers and full-time employees). This will also help management level staff understand how to respond to requests for contractual amendments;

– GDPR and data protection – teaching staff how to minimise the risk of data breaches by following strict processes and procedures, keeping data safe and secure.

– Disciplinary process and grievance process – explaining the process to follow when disciplinary action needs to be taken against a member of staff and the importance of the ACAS Code of Practice. We explore different strategies that management level staff could implement to improve performance without the avoid the need for disciplinary action.

– Grievance process – ensuring staff are aware of the grievance process and how to follow the process when making, or responding to, a grievance. We outline measures staff could take as dispute resolution.

– Equality, diversity and discrimination – explaining the best practices to follow to ensure equality and diversity within the workplace e.g. fair recruitment processes. We also provide advice on the types of discrimination to be aware of.

– Staff handbook policies – we provide training on a range of handbook policies and procedures e.g. the sickness procedure, maternity leave procedure. Our aim is to support clients with the practical issues they are facing in the workplace.

Our training sessions are bespoke and designed specifically to meet your needs. If you require training support please contact us on 0330 221 0684 or at [email protected].



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