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Dismissing Employees Legal Advice

Employees are incredibly important to any organisation: the right employees help a business to thrive and develop. However, it is not uncommon that the employer/employee relationship can experience some difficulties during the course of its existence – and you may need to dismiss an employee for the long-term good of your business.

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Employee dismissal law is a very complicated area which can be difficult to understand. Employment law is designed to regulate the relationship between employers and their employees, and it reflects the realities of that relationship.

Dismissing an employee is not illegal in and of itself, however, it is the way an employer goes about dismissing an employee and their reasons for doing so that could make it so. It is therefore vital that employers follow the correct and proper process when dismissing an employee. Failure to follow a fair employment law dismissal process can lead to Employment Tribunal claims, which are costly and time consuming for the business.

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